Who We Are

Humarek is an advanced research & development lab utilizing scientific & technical Innovation activities from theoretical conceptualization till operation-ready production of comprehensive data engineering solutions empowering organizations across various sectors (government, companies, NGOs and Academia) with tools of fourth industrial revolution to overcome challenges obstructing the progress path towards achieving internationally adapted 17 sustainable development goals which were phrased by United Nations.

Our Mission

During the last decade as we started witnessing the rising momentum of data science backed with advanced technologies such as IOT, Cloud Computing , 5G, Data Analytics, Smart Drones and Artificial Intelligence driving the ongoing forth industrial revolution which is already reshaping our world through drastically boosting our productive activities in terms of quality, agility, flexibility and scale; providing a game-changing powerful set of methodologies, processes, tools and technologies by which we can solve major problems the world already had been & still struggling with on its way to achieve sustainable development goals.

Yet the process of enabling different organizational structures to adapt these state-of-the-art solutions on its turn raised a whole new set of unprecedented and unconventional challenges popped-up on different levels starting with the most urgent, crucial and complex among them all … How to successfully plan, design, implement and maintain a high-risk (72-88% failure rate) organizational business life cycle transformation to ensure a smooth and sustainable transition from the efficiency-retrograding rigid traditional organizational model into a rapidly effective, highly dynamic data-driven one fully capable of harnessing the power of modern technologies to continually boost its performance ?!

Founded by a team of technical specialists armed with long professional expertise acquired through various sectors including United Nations, Hi-Tech Multinational corporates, academia & government institutions dedicated to answer this question, Humarek aim to provide methodologies, process architecture, innovative technologies and data-driven engineering solutions to overcome major progress obstructers in the path to sustainable development through a unique combination of business process engineering, dynamic innovation architecture, and comprehensive data ecosystems.

Engineering Organizational Evolution Through Innovation

Target Sectors

Our Pioneer buesiness model main focus is aimed for industries and technical fields related to any of the 12 vital sectors those categorized as key pillars of the entire comprehensive and sustaiable development structure

Our Services

We provide a pioneer integrated umbrella of hi-tech and innovation services empowering a wide spectrum of diverse organizations to evolve into a highly effective & dynamic data-driven business structures.

Boosting overall organizational performance by increasing staff productivity up to 5 times while achieving huge cost reduction up to 90% using a combination of automated processes & digitalized administrative model.

Ensuring a smooth low-risk transition for organizations to a data-driven business model using a multiphased comprehensive reform programs focused on key aspects of work culture, methodologies and Technologies.

Providing an innovative cost-effective approach of outsourcing covering various types research & development activities from scientific conceptualization and up to new products development &Amp; improvement.

A first of it's kind comprehensive service for building and managing high-accuracy & performance data environments including it's data life cycle (from capture to analytics), infrastructure and process engineering.

Supporting all multi-disciplinary activities of systems' technical management in relevance from planning and design, through development, testing and operation and ending with retirement and replacement.

Engineering digital solutions using combination of cutting-edge technologies (IOT, AI, Robotics and Cloud Computing) for mission-critical applications varying from disease eradication to earthquake survillance.

Our Projects

Here is a list of our latest main research & development projects


a first of it's kind unified humanitarian informatics ecosystem for building the next generation of smart & highly automated NGO's


a pioneer integrated e-services framework for comprehinsive management of electoral process's resources, operations & infrastructure.


A biometric-based property rights data management platform for building a new generation of public governance institutions serving digital economy


Innovative digital health engine powering transition towards a national-level unified smart health sector.

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Whether being an organizational executive/technical officer interested in our services and partnership programs or an enthusiast talent eager to know more about our employment opportunities, we'd be happy to hear from you.

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