Reshaping Property Data Management

Story of the project


As economies around the world are already struggling with a combination of sustainable development challenges and global threats like climate change and pandemics, the need for successfully conducting structural reforms to increase their competitiveness’s capabilities became a top priority out of which transformation to digital economy comes the most vital raising a new enormous challenge of it's own. and based on the fact that products and services exchange is the engine driving the entire economy, it becomes crystal-clear that transition towards a digital economy which aims to achieve rapid enhancements in key economic performance pillars (e.g. governance, transparency, easy movement of individuals, goods and assets) necessitates developing a smart environment for managing property rights which on it's turn requires replacement of legacy paper-based government identity verification services with much more fast, safe and accessible digital services.

Despite all givens lead to inevitability of adapting biometric identity as a standard specially in the light of the huge technological advancements achieved through the last 2 decades coupled with major production cost reductions, yet several key barriers need to be addressed starting with the fact that if a cyber-security breach occurs resulting in biometric signatures data leakage it can't be altered as the case with other types of digital identity signatures like passwords ... a core weakness point which Biobase is specifically designed to eliminate.

What is Biobase

Digital biometric data management platform dedicated for cloud-based SAAS model identity verification services utilizing an innovative data protection architecture powered by an advanced real-time data fragmentation and mapping engine coupled with a combination of autonomously managed decentralized cyber infrastructure, military-grade communications encryption, AI-driven networking surveillance and multilayer hardware level security ... all backed with powerful integration tools with a wide spectrum of third-party software business/enterprise solutions and frameworks supporting various forms of implementation methodologies including native platform built-in features, data streaming services, APIs and micro-services architecture.

Key Features

Biobase comes with a powerful set of digital services and tools that implies design and development of new innovative concepts and methodologies in the field of biometric-based digital security, key features include:

>> AI-Driven Data Fragmentation

Being permanently unusable if compromised tops the list of major challenges facing biometric technologies' wide-spread adaption as a core standard in digital security, a serious flaw imposed by the unique nature of biometric data which Biobase platform provides a radical solution for using an advanced AI Engine managing a multi-phases fragmentation of a single biometric signature in real-time into hundreds of encrypted pieces distributed across a hybrid storage infrastructure, ensuring that even in worst case scenario of a large-scale cyber security breach that a 70% minimum of a single biometric signature's data will remain completely protected; rendering any partial data exposure completely useless for hackers.

>> Poly-base Biometric Markers

A new technology which combines multiple biometric signatures of highly related physiological characteristics to produce a multi-layer unique biometric identifier, providing full protection against spoofing attacks targeting scanning terminals.

>> Multi-dimensional Biometric Identity

As mission critical applications among vital sectors like banking, Health Care, emergency services, defense and homeland security requires a unique combination of both reliability and accuracy, Biobase comes equipped with a sophisticated digital platform presenting an innovative concept of a comprehensive biometric profile which is using 7-18 diverse set of different physiological signatures including 3D face imaging, Ear, Veins, voice, fingerprints, odor, DNA, veins mapping and body heat distribution which guarantees verification/identification service continuality that even when a certain marker is absent an individual new disability occurrence due to a recent accident, while providing a state-of-the-art fraud-protection through a multi-agent biometric verification system with a dynamic architecture which can be easily extendible to include behavioral signatures such as handwriting and gait analysis.

>> Advanced Behavioral Intelligence

an integrated suite of digital services powered by advanced algorithms machine learning and artificial intelligence providing high-accuracy real-time digital services covering behavioral biometrics including handwriting style, Gait, speech analysis (text, vocal and visual), alongside behavioral analytics relying on detecting variations among individuals and groups' usage patterns of digital technologies and devices.

>>Built-in Integration with third-party business solutions

From general corporate services (e.g. MS Windows OS standard and server editions, Cisco CUCM, office 365, SharePoint, MS Dynamics, Microsoft Project, AWS, MS Azure) going through solutions focusing on specialized organizational activities (e.g. Oracle ERP, IBM Watson) up to data analytics platforms supporting decision making processes (TalkWalker, Tableau, MS Power BI, Hadoop, Kafka); Biobase comes with powerful set of tools & features backed with highly flexible data exchange architecture providing seamless smooth and fast systems integration experience regardless of technical complexities involved.