Digital innovation empowering democracy

Story of the project


The vital role of elections as a systematic peaceful tool and one of the core pillars of sustainable development used by the public to choose their government officials/parliamentary representatives with all political competitiveness & major consequences on the future of entire nations implied had made it a highly fragile process due to set of various major challenges which can be simply outlined by the following question: how to successfully conduct an accurate, transparent, secure, fast and cost effective electoral process? K-elect comes as the answer

What is K-elect

Combining cutting-edge technologies with dynamic process engineering, K-elect is an innovative framework presenting a new game-changing data-driven electoral model specifically engineered to boost data accessibility and accuracy empowering individuals not only of conducting powerful monitoring for transparency but also playing the primary role of enforcing & safeguarding it while at the same time providing governing institutions with solutions to radically reduce both costs (time, money, manpower, equipment) & complexity involved. all done through using extremely dynamic yet highly effective tools of digital transformation and data science to overcome key challenges facing current electoral model including:

1) Technical: design, implement and maintain systems, processes & tools to conduct a transparent, secure, highly accessible and non-tampered poll

2) Administrative: how to coordinate between different parts of a complex electoral structure including dozens up to hundreds of institutions (government, legislative, NGOs and even private sector "especially SPs").

3) Operational: how to deploy and manage huge allocated resources (man power, equipment, poll centers) while maintaining minute-b-minute situation awareness with every update on the ground to tackle any possible rising issues in time

4) Financial: how to accurately calculate needed funds to cover various types of resources (time, manpower, physical, and information), allocate and utilize them in an effective, efficient manner

5) Political: containing serious hazards including misinformed poll, public extreme division, violence, compromised public trust in the electoral process mainly driven by highly competitive atmosphere by ensuring a well-informed poll through continual mass communication with the public based on 3 key pillars: highly secure & transparent voting system, widely accessible civic education and rapid mass communication

Key Features
>> Public Video-Surveillance

What’s better than having the voters themselves alongside millions of people all over the world as guardians of voting transparency?!! Equipped with a large network of HD cameras deployed within and around poll centers generating second-by-second 24/7 live video streaming through thousands of publicly accessible online channels voters can carefully watch over and protect their votes from the first vote submitted till the last vote counted while also being capable of documenting the slightest violation through a distributed video archive.

>> Electoral Real-time Intelligence

Aiming to enhance & reinforce electoral system transparency, K-elect provides unrestricted access to the public for live detailed reports & analytical dashboards (using a group of interactive toolsets) about every available aspect of voting data including:

i) Second-by-second voting count tracking based on geographic location, administrative unit from national level down to a specific poll center in a small village/town

ii) Analytical reporting on voters’ participation percentage, demographics.

iii) Voting density peaks & downs.

>> Comprehensive Operational Management Suite

According to elections financial data obtained from over 140 governments around the world an average of 85% (or more) of entire funding is allocated as operational costs for the seasonal voting events with 50-60% of them as wages. followed by the logistics nightmare of rapidly deploying, operating & phasing out of human & physical resources on very large-scales while at the same time cause a radical increase in overall process complexity ... a set of solid facts imposing an urgent need for a new set of digital-driven tools dedicated to enterprise-level financial and operational management.

Using extensive automation through an innovative process architecture combined with unified governance & operations standards alongside umbrella of integrated cutting-edge information technologies (operations e-workflows, digital logistics management system, ERP), the elections cost can be drastically reduced with an average of 30% and increasing the overall system quality in terms of transparency, governance, and speed … all while maintaining system flexibility to be customized at need in compliance with legal/constitutional terms regulating the electoral system

>> Personal Voting Data Vault

Providing an additional line of defense for electoral transparency enabling system’s user to make sure that his/her vote wasn’t tampered by any means while protecting it’s privacy through end-to-end encryption to prevent any third party (including the developers of the system) from getting access to it.

>> Biometric-Based Voting

Combining easy and highly accurate authentication with eliminating the need to have dozens of employees in each polling center to verify the identity of voters depending usually on showing their National Ids and paper based voting and later guiding the voter to corresponding voting space (with all associated costs in terms of time, money & process complexity and possible human error) … providing a combination of cost effectiveness coupled with voter identification and authentication cost-effectiveness.

While the biometric authentication by default uses contactless biometric signatures like IRIS and Palm veins ensuring business continuity even in case of pandemics as the world currently facing with Covid-19, the system is easily extendible to another 23 more types of biometric identity data.

>> State-of-the-Art Cyber Security Architecture

Using an innovative cyber security architecture utilizing a unique set of techniques & technologies including a best of industry encryption algorithms, AI managed decentralized data storage, and computer/electronic hardware-based security.

>> Unified Communications Management Platform

A central digital hub smoothly integrated with third-party social media platforms providing real-time trend analysis to identify surging problems and enable elections committee of prompt and effective response as in misinformation/misleading trends while channeling these responses on all social media platforms through a single interface.